2019.05.07 – The Monster behind the door.

So my mail carrier, when she puts the mail through the slot of the front door, experiences The Monster. That unseen demon snarls and growls uncontrollably. Then, just as the packet of mail gets about halfway through the slot, it suddenly jerks once or twice, and then it is gone…like a scene from Jaws. It now dwells in the lair of the beast… the abyss of The Monster behind the door.

Everyone has monsters that live in their lives. They may be cynical and draining, intimidating and prickly, snarly and aggressive, and/or angry and vicious. We do are best to avoid them, and yet more often than not we are confronted by them. But I ask you; “Are they really monsters?” Oh they may snarl, growl, bark, and bite, but are they really monsters? Jesus would tell you that they are simply your neighbor.

I encourage you to take a look behind the door. You might be surprised at what dwells behind. That beast might actually be someone soft and vulnerable who is lashing out at the world because they feel they need to protect their territory. Or maybe they are hurt or lonely or broken or scared.

Maybe they just need the love of a neighbor sent by the Triune God of Grace for just such a purpose.  Who will bring it to them if it isn’t you?

Strive for peace with everyone, and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord. Hebrews 12:14

Oh, bye the way… This is the Monster behind my door!

Yoshi the Attack-Shih Tzu!!!!

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