2019.09.17 – The Best Advertising Ever!!!

…on this rock I will build my church…”

Matthew 16:18b esv

Recently the Flying Scotsman sent me some statistics as to why people start attending a particular church. Apparently there are four primary reasons: advertising, a friend invited them, an outreach program, or the pastor invited them.

Please note that the Holy Spirit is assumed over this entire mix!

Which do you think would be most effective?

OK kids; time for reader participation. Take a few moments and arrange these four in your mind (or on paper) from least effective to most effective. Then take a guess as to what percentage of people declared each of the four as the main reason they began attending. You percentages should add up to 100%. Oh no, he’s asking us to do higher math!

Cue the Jeopardy music…..

The envelope please….

According to research, advertising is the least effective way to draw people to your church family. Only 2% of people would say that they began attending because of ads they saw or heard.

Next two are in a statistical dead heat; outreach programs and pastor invitations. Combined, the two of these come in at a whopping 6% each. If you are pastor and you are reading this, don’t let your ego be bruised; you know instinctually that we are not the drawing force.

If you are keeping track, here is the numbers so far:

2% + 6% + 6% =14%.

Isn’t interesting how the three things churches seem to spend money on to attract people to come and explore the family are only effective 14% of the time Note: Please do not go and fire the pastor, get rid of your outreach or membership councils, or stop giving your pastor raises! 😘

So how do we account for the remaining 86%? 86 out of 100 people say that they began attending church because a friend, family member, or co-worker invited them to come! That is six times more effective than advertising, outreach, and your pastor combined.

Now think this through. By far the most effective way to introduce people to the church family is to be a God and neighbor loving church that Jesus calls us to be. It actually means that you need to consider inviting people to come and meet your family.

The best part; the price for it has already been paid for this “program”!

In conclusion, the best advertising ever for any church family is the heart of her people. Nuff’ said!

Have a blessed day! 🖖🏻

*The statistics supplied by the Flying Scotsman originated from churchgrowth.org

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