Something to Think About #18

Wait for the LORD: be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!

Psalm 27:14 esv

Besides “LORD”, what word in today’s scripture do you think is the most important. I will give you three guesses, and the first two don’t count. That’s right; it’s the one that shows up twice and is connected to the twice used holy name of God!


The Hebrew word for wait is QaVaH, and gives the sense of waiting with expectancy and even tension. It’s also a word used to describe a chord that has been twisted (imagine a rope that you manually twisted a number of times and to create tension).

When I was a kid, I loved balsam wood planes. I would get them as a treat in my Easter basket, or occasionally as a reward. You carefully assemble the plane, and then you attach the rubber band (gum band for the yinzers in the Burgh). Then you would use your finger to spin the propeller and creating tension in the rubber band. The more you turned, the higher the tension. This tension creates potential energy that will become kinetic energy when you place the plane on the ground and release the propeller pulling the plane into the sky. That twisted rubber band would be considered QaVah.

Balsam Wood Plane with rubber band without QaVah.

If we don’t wait upon our Designer, YaHWeH (the LORD), we lack the energy to soar like eagles. Turning to God provides us true life. In other words, without turning our life toward him, we lack the potential to live into the design that we were created for.

So turn your face/heart/self toward him, and let him wind you up with his Spirit. Ask him to give you the energy and make you ready to fly!

Take time right now…this moment…to start your day by asking God to wind you up. (Note: the word “wind” is a verb to twist, and also the description of moving air and spirit.)

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