Hitchhikers bLog – 2019.11.04

An extension of who we are….

Yesterday morning I stood outside the church at 5:30. The temperature was 34°, and the predawn sky was absolutely spectacular! There was not a cloud; only a sea of stars.

I wanted to be there when our crew headed out to Alabama to perform service work for people whose lives were destroyed by a tornado in the spring.

Every time one of these teams heads out on a mission trip, I like to imagine that this is what it was like in the early church as servants were commissioned to go out with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This group is an extension of the Body of Christ, and specifically our church, to be our hands and feet, bringing love and prayers to the people they are called to serve.

I ask you to pray for this team throughout the week, even those of you who are not members of our particular church family. Remember that the church is all Christ’s disciples across time and space.

Below is a picture of the team standing in front of several of our elders just after we had laid hands on and prayed for them last Sunday. From left to right, you will find Cliff, Warren, Peter (my son, Don, Joe, Diane, John, and Bob. Also joining them in Alabama will be Steve, a former member and elder who relocated from Sparta and is dearly missed.

May the Lord bless you and protect you.
May he make his glory shine upon you and be gracious to you.
May his gaze be upon you and bring you shalom!