Hitchhiker’s bLOG – 2019.12.03

Remember Puerto Rico?

So I am sitting here by candle light after two days of freezing rain, heavy wet snow, and lost power. I have all of my freezer stuff in the snow outside the back door, and the refrigerator stuff is on the back porch. Nothing has spoiled…yet. Sure we have no heat, hot shower, or that sacred cup of coffee. But I have a fire burning in the fireplace, and candles to light the way to the bathroom.

Now imagine living without power or hot water for months on end. This is what the people of Puerto Rico suffered, and they did not have the benefit of nature’s freezer and refrigerator sitting just outside the kitchen door.

And before you go off with some political rant about them living in third world conditions of their own making (yes this argument was made when it happened), consider that I am sitting in a wealthy bedroom community 50 miles from New york City. We still have telephone poles and power lines running up and down Main Street that are highly susceptible to tree limbs, transformer fires, hurricanes, and the occasional kamikaze squirrel.

My point is that people are people, made in the Image of God, and when basic resources like running water, heat, electricity, food, and (most of all) coffee are taken away from them by nature, we should not care about anything other than to reach out to help, or at the least pray for them. Today I remember the people of Puerto Rico.

P.S. If you are running by Dunkin’ Donuts, I like my coffee with cream and a Stevia………Thanks Warren!!!!

3 thoughts on “Hitchhiker’s bLOG – 2019.12.03

  1. Even Dunkin Donuts had no power…thank the lord for Augies Brooklyn Bagels supplying the coffee this morning. Live long and prosper 🖖🏻


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