Hitchhiker’s bLOG – 2019.12.10

Collecting Stories

As a pastor, I am a collector of stories; it’s inevitable. Some are stories of growing up or raising a family, others are about life’s challenges and the wins and losses that result. I get them sitting with hospice patients, and at baptisms. I hear them when meeting with couples I am going to marry, and from grieving families.

My favorite stories are ones about the faith journey. It is amazing how “42” works in people’s lives to get them to a point where they embrace their Creator, Rescuer, and Inspirer.

What shocks me is how often people are unable to articulate their stories in these terms. They see fate, chance, circumstance, or their own doing without recognizing the Spirit of 42 in the details. Often it takes a story collector to point it out to them.

When I am working with people, I remind them that their story is really part of HIStory. I explain that HIStory is like a grand universal tapestry, and that our stories are like beautifully colored strings woven into His fabric’ into HIStory.

Tapestry of the Great Shepherd

So I have a homework assignment for you. Grab a pen and paper (I hope you still have those) and, after ten minutes of talking with the Lord, write down as many moments you can recall where 42 was active in your life. Watch the color get added to you thread. Then organize those moments into a narrative, and practice telling yourself and 42 your story. See how it fits into HIStory.

I assure you that someday, you will be prompted by the Spirit of 42 to share this story to someone else, and it will change their life (and yours)!

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