Hitchhiker’s bLOG – 2020.01.21

Let’s try something…

I am in a particularly busy season as I help my son move. (Yes, Peter got the job!) So being able to sit at a computer or iPad and bang out Hitchhiker bLOGs is difficult when one wants to look at apartments and handling logistics online to help him on his Search for 42.

So I want to give you an opportunity to share ideas with me. If you have things you want me to bLOG about, please comment on this entry. Rules of the road are easy: NO politics! This means Bible, theology, movies, music, art, current events, etc are fair game.

Photo by Vivian Maier circa 1955

Over the coming weeks, like I do every Friday morning with biblegateway.com scriptures that they provide, I will try to reflect on what you care about. If I don’t use your suggestions, don’t be offended; It may be that I’ve got nothing or it is too personal a topic to do it justice.

May the Holy Spirit of 42 inspire us!

6 thoughts on “Hitchhiker’s bLOG – 2020.01.21

  1. OK Brother, you asked! Humility. It is something I know comes naturally to a few, many like me have to work hard at it to keep it top of mind and do things like place ourselves in positions of service, remembering we don’t always have to be right, win, lead, look good, etc. Many just don’t understand and even view it as a weakness. Yes it is pleasing to 42 but IMHO there would also much less anger in the land of the perpetually torqued off (New York Times Rule – Ha!) if we could learn this lesson. Thoughts?

    Love Dan


  2. I think humility is a great topic. Along those lines is forgiveness, both extending forgiveness (with humility) and, just as importantly, receiving forgiveness (with humility). Part of the broken condition of man is the inability to be loved. How do you receive forgiveness and live forgiven (even if someone forgave you without you asking them too).


  3. Forgiveness. It would be great to hear your thoughts and theology on forgiveness! Love your blog by the way! Happy apartment hunting!


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