Hitchhiker’s bLOG (The Sunday Edition) – 2020.03.29

The Fifth Sunday of Lent

Today we once again enter an empty sanctuary and fire up the sound system, media, and camera. The team will rehearse their music, we will pray together, and YouTube goes live.

Last week 174 people join us live, and we had over 350 total views on this video. Now if you think about it; we normally have an average of about 190 in worship on a Sunday morning. Theses 174 represents individual devices, and we know for sure that many of the viewers were worshiping as couples and families. (I have received pics of kids watching the children’s sermon, and apparently some even moved closer to the TV just like coming forward on a Sunday morning!) I think it safe that we had more than 200 people (I suspect 225 – 250). That would be an above average worship attendance!

Of course, this was no average worship. The surrounding world has come to a stand-still, and yet life goes on; and so does the worship of the Triune God of Grace!

Photo from FPC Sparta Online Worship – 2020.03.22

Please note that everyone on the chancel was at least six feet apart, and only one person was is in the sound booth. This coming week, we will bring in a second person to run media to allow the first to manage the sound and broadcast; the media person is sitting in the front row of the balcony practicing social distancing.

On this fifth Sunday of Lent, we explore what it means to Give up life, and embrace LIFE!

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