Hitchhiker’s bLOG Supplemental – 2020.03.30

Chewbacca Update

As you know from my bLOG on 2020.03.28, Baby is home with us and joined “J” and I as we had virtual dinner with the Cup’O’Joes. (Med school online – who would’ve thought) We love having her home.

A good number of you have been inquiring about Chewbacca. Thank you so much for asking!

Chewie called yesterday and he is well. His job is considered “essential” because he is part of the supply chain, and the company understands that they are on the front lines; so they are taking good care of their employees. Apparently, people love their chips almost as must as they love their toilet paper and hand sanitizer, so store inventories are low! Chewie is working long days, but he is in good spirits (of course he is…he gets overtime and more!).

When he is not on the road, he is sequestered at home like the rest of us exiles. Of course, Chewie is a master of the online community, so he dons his headset every evening and hangs out with the likes of “Snuffy” and the rest of the gang. Before the lockdown, he worshipped at a church in town, and may have found a Christian community not unlike the one he left.

Chewie – The Potato Chip King of New England!

We miss Chewie, but we love the fact that he is “adulting” in the motherland (New England).

Again, thanks for asking, and keep him in your prayers!

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