Hitchhiker’s bLOG Supplemental – 2020.05.06

Let us pray…

Lord, you are always there for us. And yet we seem to blow through one crisis after another and go on our merry way, becoming more and more distant from you and each other…

At the beginning of this century, you showed us that there was no need to panic when Y2K threatened to end life as we know it.

Our microwaves and computers continued to function; Y2K was a dud. And we moved on…

You brought us together to stand strong when we discovered how vulnerable we were on 9/11. You even got our leaders to stand on the capitol steps and sing together!

The smoldering rubble stopped smoldering, and was carted away. We built memorials and said we would never forget. But we did forget you and unity! And then we moved on…

In 2008, the foundations of economy came down like a house of cards. Many lost jobs, savings, and homes. You were with us through those lean years.

Then the economy recovered, the foreclosed homes were sold, and we began to worship mammon once again. And we moved on…

One crisis after another. One shooting after another. Politicians fighting about gun rights and assigning blame.

58 dead, 413 wounded!

We said our prayers, bury the dead, and the shock wears off until the next time. And we move on…

Then COVID-19 hit! People are saying that they feel closer to YOU. Bible sales are up. People are being friendly (for the most part), and say they can’t wait to gather again.

Will things be different? Will they continue to love YOU? Will they read your word and come and worship and serve YOU? Or will the dust settle, vaccines be delivered, and everybody move on?

One last thing Lord; What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks is this?!?!?

Asian “Murder Hornet”

I love you LORD! I will serve you until the day that I breath no more on this side of life. I will serve and worship you in eternity as well Amen!

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