Hitchhiker’s bLOG (smile) – 2020.05.09

Let me introduce you to Charlie; he’s a biologist. He is best known for his contribution to the science known as “Natural Selection.”

Charles Robert Darwin

I explained the COVID-19 pandemic to Charlie. I told him that over a quarter million people in the world have died from this new virus (more than 73000 in the U.S.), and more people are dying every day. It spreads like wildfire. Now we discover that some children are dying from Kawasaki disease, and it may be triggered after these kids had COVID-19. We’ve never seen anything like this before.

I told Charlie that I decided to listen to the professionals because I trust that they know more than I do.

I explained to Charlie that some people refuse to social distance, wear masks, or stay at home. Some of them have house parties, and others pick up all their friends and ride around in the car.

I further explained to Charlie that some people call it a fake, and many are more interested in the economy and their social lives. They are pushing for everything to be opened up immediately. They said we should all just take our chances and build herd immunity.

So I asked him what he thought of what these people are saying and doing. Do you know what Charlie said?

Shhhhh… Natural Selection at work.

“Hitchhiker! I can’t believe it; You did it again!”


4 thoughts on “Hitchhiker’s bLOG (smile) – 2020.05.09

  1. I guess its in our nature to flirt with death, it make us feel so alive. For me, i’m gonna lay low on this one.


  2. On a more serious note, our world has been rocked! It’s like a major earthquake hit our world, changing and challenging everything we know about it. Its a BIG deal for people to grasp what has happened… It takes a great deal of courage to accept, process and come to terms with the grief we are all feeling. We go through several phases that include denial, anger, pleading, etc. Each of us deal with grief on our own timetables, in our own way. Like Job’s friends, we can sit in silence and be present for one another as we express our anger, our hopes, affirm who we are and ultimately manage our loss.


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