Hitchhiker’s bLOG Supplemental – 2020.05.10.3

Sunday Worship Wrap-Up

On this very weird Mother’s Day where the wind in cold and we are all locked in…

I am actually starting to get used to doing worship in a sanctuary with nine or less. I miss you all terribly, so what I am saying is that it is becoming a routine, and I hate it!

I wish I had taken a picture of that worm I saw this morning! It kinda looked like this…

The team did a great job today. We had Thunder and Slim in the tech booth today!

And we had Yeshua, Yeshua’s Mom, BRUCE lee, Dr. Phil, and Mrs. Flying Scotsman leading worship.

Thank you to all of you who join us for worship. Many of you have sent kind words and prayer to us!

Here’s the link to the worship service:


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