Quarantined Hitchhiker’s bLOG (On the Sixth Day) – 2020.09.12

Too much carbon monoxide for me to bear

Don’t you care? Don’t you care?

“Carbon Monoxide” by CAKE
(Pressure Chief Album)

I think we all know that carbon monoxide is “the silent killer.” You can’t smell it and you can’t see it, and that is why we need carbon monoxide detectors in our home. Carbon monoxide kills by replacing the oxygen in your blood which slowly causes drowsiness, confusion, rapid breathing, accelerated heart rate, and eventually systems failure.

The treatments for carbon monoxide toxicity are supportive care, oxygen therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Do you find yourself more tired than usual? Do you find yourself confused about what day of the week it is or the date? Do you find yourself breathing heavy or sighing a lot? Is you heart racing more than normal? You might be suffering from culture toxicity!

Never in my lifetime have I ever experienced more division and rancor. Never have I seen such an unwillingness to listen. Never have I seen people who have their truth, and if you don’t agree you are the enemy. And politicians, media, and social media continue to pump out more culture toxicity.

Breathing all this in

I look up at that grey sky

It makes me want to… (ohhhh)

Too much, too much, too much…

“Carbon Monoxide” by CAKE
(Pressure Chief Album)

My friends, we are being poisoned!

To much animosity and division for me to bear.

Don’t your care? Don’t you care?

It is time for treatment! We need therapeutic supportive care that can only come from the ANSWER to the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything. “42” provides what is necessary to live, for His love is like oxygen! Turn to him for love therapy, or maybe even full immersion hyperbaric love therapy.

Quarantine is actually helping me detoxify even though the occasional silent killer continues to knock at the door, makes its way in a local newscast (I refuse to watch the so-called news channels), or trickle into my email or messenger.

Let us pray: “Holy God, help us to turn ourselves over to your healing mercy and immovable love. Help your love to find its way into our hearts, souls, minds, and bodies. Help it to replace the toxic sin that invades us and pushes out love. Let your love well up in us, so that we may we turn it outward upon others. Help us to love not just our family and friends, but those we perceive as enemies. Help us to love those who don’t agree with us, or understand our faith in you. Help us love those who we don’t understand, and help us to really listen to them; and then maybe we will understand. Change the hearts of those who want us to be divided, and help us see how they can infect us is a way that drives out love. Be our toxicity detector, and sound the alarm in our heads. And help us act appropriately with clarity and purpose. Help us to love! We pray this in the name of the Triune God of Grace. Amen!

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