A Delivery From Cup ‘O’ Joe the Existentialist – 2020.12.05

We haven’t heard from Cup ‘O’ Joe in quite some time.

He has something he is burning to share…

We’ll have a rare opportunity to experience something that may give us a sense of what the Wise Men saw in the Eastern Sky.  For the first time in 800 years (the year was 1226), earthlings will be able to see the Milky Way’s two biggest planets so close together it’ll look like they’re touching.  Saturn and Jupiter will have a rare meeting from our vantage point on Dec. 21, 2020. The “Great Conjunction,” begins as early as December 16th as they begin to move into alignment.  

Get your telescopes ready (or just look with your eyes).  If you go outside around dusk (about 5 p.m.), and look toward the southwestern sky, you may have about an hour to find the two planets. It’ll help to use an app such as Google’s Sky Map, which can be held up to the sky to show where certain planets and stars are located. 

For all you Wise Men and Wise Women, take this time to reflect on the Christ Child, His life and death and resurrection, and give God thanks for His awesome universe!

LLAP from two friends:
The Hitchhiker & Cup’O’Joe

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