Hitchhiker’s bLOG – 2020.12.08

This Just In…

Cutting edge research published in Frontiers in Psychology reveals that media consumption habits are a predictor of the levels of accurate knowledge about COVID-19 and trust in the government. In other words, a steady diet of content from Twitter, Facebook, and so-called news outlets can lead to false information and prejudices.

Thank You Captain(s) Obvious!!!

Apparently the World Health Organization has a name for this phenomena:


So all along we thought we were in a pandemic, but the larger problem is the disease of misinformation that is spreading among us! Many relationships are dying because of this affliction!

Not long ago I introduced you to Aldous Huxley and his view on the dangers of allowing “abbreviators” to condense down the exploding volumes of new information being thrown at us as we try to understand our world. This makes us highly susceptible to the abbreviator’s worldview and manipulation.

Godzilla, Hitchhiker, and “42” ask you to mask and socially distance yourselves from the anti-social media and the so-called news networks. Instead, spend time in prayer and scripture. Dig deeper into your soul and listen to “42” about how you shall live. There might be something in there about loving the Triune God of Grace with all that you are, and loving your neighbor, your enemy, and the downtrodden as yourselves.

This has been a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT from the staff at Searching For 42!

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