Hitchhiker’s bLOG – 2021.01.20

Attitude Adjustment

Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus…

Philippians 2:5 esv

In the spirit of a deceased colleague of mine, who touched millions of lives for many years on a television program from the neighborhood:

“Today we have a new word; phroneite’ (φρονεῖτε).
It’s a special word.
Can you say phro-nay-tay?”

In the scripture above, phroneite’ is translated as “mind.” However, the root word “phren” drives us deep into the chest to the lining around the heart. In the ancient world, this was the seat of all thoughts and emotions.

Paul is challenging the Philippians to make sure their inner perspective or insight matches their outward behaviors. In other words, “Check your attitude.”

But there is more. The Greek sentence literally translates, “Have the attitude that Christ Jesus had…” So it challenges you to make sure that your attitude is the same as Christ Jesus.

How’s your attitude?

Do your outward actions and words reflect what is truly in the seat of your thoughts and emotions, or is there a mismatch?

Do you have the attitude of Christ Jesus?

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