Something to Think About – 2022.06.24

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But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one. 2 Thessalonians 3:3

In this section of the letter, Paul asks for prayers because they have and will face people who are hostile toward the message they live and share. But he reminds them (and us) that the Lord is faithful and grounds those who are, as God is our protector.

More and more, I witness variants of the same arguments and even hostility toward believers in Christ. Often, I see Christians shrink back or get aggressive in response. Both behaviors “damage the brand’ in marketing speak.

Since I opened the door, here are five things that can damage the brand, with a little HitchHiker spin. NOTE: Thanks for the inspiration to the good folks at Lucidpress for for publishing “5 situations that can damage your brand—and how to respond” by Cindy Haynes.

Problem #1: Poor customer service. HitchHiker spin – Our number One customer is God, and just as important are those customers known as neighbors. This condition can lead to burning a bridge not just with that customer but with their friends and family, too. Nothing is worse than ignoring and shrinking away from the problem, but don’t get aggressive.

Problem #2: Failing to live up to your brand image. HitchHiker spin – If you do not strive to live up to the Brand Image (Jesus), how can people see him? Nothing can ruin a brand’s image like being inconsistent. Stay on message, which is love, love, and more love.

Problem #3: Getting negative attention because of one of your team. HitchHiker spin – Unfortunately, the bad behavior of others within the local or broader church will reflect on the whole and bring bad publicity. But if someone misbehaves, don’t try to hide it; show grace and love, nor should you panic and try to overcompensate. And remind everybody that Christians are never “off-duty.”

Problem #4: Offering a poor website experience. Your best advertising is your heart, so demonstrate your heart in any media format you use. And by all means, make sure you stick to #s 1 & 2 on Sunday morning and in the world! Because you might be entertaining Angels.

Problem #5: Receiving a bad customer review. HitchHiker’s spin – The worst thing you can do is ignore it. Take the information in the review and find out what happened before responding to it. Sometimes, the customer is a bad player, and sometimes you fail. When you do the latter, respond with an apology and keep it from happening again. If it is the former, let the people who know you best share their testimony to point out that this is/has been their experience. By all means, Be honest!

Thus endeth the lesson!

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