Hitchhiker’s bLOG

When I began Searchingfor42.net in April 2019, I set a goal to write once a week. Its purpose was to give me a personal and spiritual outlet outside of sermon and churchy stuff writing. I also was looking to form a habit of routine writing to prepare me for a clergy leave I will be taking in 2021. (This leave did not happen…thank you COVID!)

That Summer, I added Something to Think About to get me used to writing two times a week. But the style of writing in these added posts were more familiar and off the cuff; they were spiritual reflections based on what God is saying that morning. In some ways they flowed easier, but I lived on the edge of “typo world.”

Six months after launch, I was now comfortable writing, and it was time to discern where to go based on what I learned. Two things jumped out at me: the process/timing of preparing the Tuesday blog, and the enjoyment of blogging in the raw during our Friday mornings together.

First the process. Prior to the Hitchhiker’s bLOG, I would come across topics that that inspired or poked me, add them to the list, and take a week or two (or more) to ponder, reflect, and eventually write. When finished, I would set them to publish on Tuesday morning at sunrise. (I bet some of you never figured out that the time of day they published always corresponded with sunrise in Sparta!) This is often how I write sermons or letters to the church, and it seemed more like work. This defeats the purpose of looking for an outlet from work.

Secondly, as I began writing in real time the Friday morning Bible reflections, I learned that sometimes it is better to not overthink things and just let the Holy Spirit inspire me. I like being carried along by the Spirit of 42!

Thus the Hitchhiker’s bLOG was born. It is more random and reflects in real time something I have experienced within the past 24 to 48 hours. It is more like a journal entry of this Hitchhiker’s journey as I witness and experience 42 sightings. Of course the danger in this is that it will be more raw and unrefined (and suffer more typos), but the hope is that you will feel the emotion and inspiration I am feeling. As for frequency, they may pop up daily or weekly or every couple of weeks depending on the sightings. I continue to date them as always (Year.Month.Day).

Don’t panic! I will still have coffee with you every Friday morning as we have Something to Think About, and periodically (and usually because The Flying Scotsman strikes) you will also get Hitchhiker’s bLog Supplementals.

So I hope you enjoy this trek with me!

Live long and prosper!