Dr. Godzilla bLOG – 2023.05.30

Godzilla get word of day from dictionary people. Sometime, word not known by giant lizard. Last week, word of day was: adumbrate Adumbrate is old-school verb with couple of meanings. It can be defined as vaguely foreshadowing, or it can mean overshadow or obscure. Dr. Godzilla can have fun with word like this! Example 1 […]

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Godzilla bLOG – 2023.05.23

Godzilla Pose Question HitchHiker share picture of Schmooze and Dr. Baby at his graduation. Schmooze earn doctorate in nursing practice (DNP). Schmooze now doctor! HitchHiker very proud of son-in-law. But apparently Schmooze not be called “doctor;” some unwritten academia rule that only certain people allowed to be called “doctor.” HitchHiker’s nephew also earn doctorate of […]

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