HitchHiker’s bLOG – 2022.11.01

“The Adirondack Chair before Sunrise”
photo by HitchHiker

Oh, How He Loves

You and Me!

One morning in Gloucester, my director challenged me to spend the day making myself available so the Lord could show me the ways he has loved me throughout the years. She said to let the images of people, events, and/or even challenges where I felt the presence of God flow over me. So I went about the day’s task. NOTE: This is not a to-do list but a spiritual exercise.

I sat for two hours in an Adirondack chair several yards from the Atlantic, waves caressing against the rocks. It took some time and patience, but then the “Spiritual tide” began to rush in. Waves of memories and thoughts began to wash over me, people and events from both distant and recent past. Some took me back three decades or more, which surprised me. I found myself barely able to keep my balance as the sea billows rolled one after another.

There was low-lying fruit like my beloved J, Chewie, Baby, and the Schmooze, who came to mind. I thought about The Flying Scotsman, who sends me memes a few times a week that makes me laugh, groan, ponder, and emote, and Cup ‘O’ Joe who tweaks my existential side. My ministry team (the staff), various church people, and extended family.

But then came some heavy hitters. I thought about one of my newest friends, Schmooze’s dad, who the Lord used to get me to Gloucester in the first place. Then came “Walter,” who faithfully prayed with me most Friday mornings when I served in Pennsylvania, and the fabulous “Bride of Walter,” took my kids on their first of many mission trips. Then came Sir Knight, my brother and one of my closest confidants, who I call when I need a laugh and who calls me when he reciprocation. Then a whopper, a man I hadn’t seen in over 35 years who God used to launch me on a profound journey when he bought me my first Bible.


Have you ever sat quietly in a beautiful spot, making yourself available so that the Lord’s presence can show you the ways he has loved you throughout the years? Have you ever let the images of people and events flow over you like waves in the ocean? Have you ever thanked him for using these to show you how much he loves you? And don’t forget to thank those who God used to show you his love. If you haven’t, I highly recommend it.

Oh how he loves you and me!

Love Long and Prosper 🖖🏻

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