HitchHiker’s bLOG – 2023.01.10

I receive a daily email from Merriam-Webster with their Word of the Day. A large percentage of the time, they send a word like “conundrum,” where I know the word and the definition. It is also common for me to receive a word I have heard before, but I need to become more familiar with its proper meaning. Seldom do I receive a word that I have never heard before, but it happened early last week. The word was “internecine.”

internecine (in·ter·ne·sen) – adjective
1: of, relating to, or involving conflict within a group.
2: marked by slaughter, deadly – especially : mutually destructive.


How timely as this word dropped in the same week as the display from congress! The party of the majority turned the speaker election into a circus with “internecine” infighting, and a handful of these so-called “leaders” nearly came to blows on the floor. Meanwhile, the party of the minority sat passively, reveling in the feud; all they needed was some popcorn to munch on. All the while, we all look like a clown-car scene before the rest of the world.

!woW – We need to pray

I cannot wait to see what comes next!

The comments above do not reflect the views of management (or Godzilla), nor do they represent a political endorsement or view. this is simply an act of pointing out that which is painfully obvious. Have an nice day!

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