Hitchhiker’s bLOG – 2021.03.02

What color are the clouds?

If you ask a child to draw you a cloud, they will almost always produce a monochromatic cloud of white. I challenge you to look at the sky right now? What colors do you see in the clouds? I bet you will see more colors than white.

I took this picture last week (2021.02.25) at about 6:45 am because it reminds me that clouds are seldom white. Unless you are colorblind, the predominant color is not white. Do you see the orange, yellow, and grey? Do you see tinges of lavender and pink? And how about the many shades?

The beautiful world we live in is not monochromatic. Trees are more than green and brown. Snow is more than white. Cardinals and Blue Jays are more than red and blue.

The same holds for life’s situations; they are not “monochromatic.” Our points of view need to see more than one facet than that dictated by the worldview we hold.

For almost a year, I have seen many facets of the pandemic. Scared people and stubborn people. Selfish people and selfless people. Left-wing and right-wing people. Blind-trusters and conspiracy theorists. Completely uninformed and self-proclaimed experts. Many people with “monochromatic” views.

Please take a moment to look again! Try to see the colors in everything. Try to see every shade and be humbled by the creative touch of the Author of Life, the Universe, and Everything!

Lord, I apologize for my human tendency to see things as monochromatic. Help me to appreciate the various colors and shades of your creation.

In the name of the Great “I Am” I pray. Amen!

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