A Time to Celebrate – 2021.05.30

On 2019.04.07, I launched SearchingFor42.net. My original intent was to get into the habit of consistently writing a bLOG so that when I went on my Clergy Leave (Sabbatical) in 2021.01, I could chronicle my journey in Israel, Athens, and Germany. That trip never happened because of the pandemic. Thank you, COVID-19!

When you look at the past two years, I have published nearly 400 posts.


So beginning on 2021.06.01, I will be reposting some of my favorite bLOGs. I may fix a typo here and there or correct some grammar, but the Tuesday bLOGs you will see until after Labor Day will be these reposts. They will have a new date but will provide the original publication date as well.

I will continue to publish “Something to Think About” (my Biblical reflections) every Friday throughout the Summer, as this is a personal devotional task. But you may see one or two of those end up on the favorites list!

On behalf of the gang, Godzilla, The Flying Scotsman, Cup’O’Joe the Existentialist, Kid Kosha, other contributors, and (of course) the Hitchhiker…

Thank YOu!

This was one of the very first LLAPs I published!

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