A Piece of Godzilla’s Mind – 2021.11.10

Hitchhiker taking little break, so turn bLOG over to Godzilla. Godzilla need to give piece of mind.

Godzilla not political; have no problem with peaceful protest and political discourse or debate. Godzilla see disturbing trends in behaviors of humans. Godzilla not like property damage or crushing people; this Godzilla’s purview!

Now Godzilla not big fan of president, nor he big fan of last one. In fact, Godzilla not sure he big fan of any president after John Adams. But what really bother Godzilla is seeing F-Bomb about current president on signs and flags. Godzilla see big pick-up truck with big flag containing pejorative about president drive around town. Godzilla hear nasty epithet chanted at NFL games and NASCAR races.

What we teaching children?!?!

The commentary expressed in today’s bLOG reflects the views of the management and staff at SearchFor42.net.

Have a nice day!

2 thoughts on “A Piece of Godzilla’s Mind – 2021.11.10

  1. Sigh. The F-Bomb was the line in the sand separating a minimal level of courtesy from total disrespect. Now you know not to attempt to engage the F-Bomber in a conversation/debate. Saves time.


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