HitchHiker’s bLOG – 2022.09.06

I’ve got my towel and HitchHiker’s Guide…

Today is the first of forty-two days of hitchhiking adventure known as a clergy leave (some call it a sabbatical, but I ain’t writing no book). If you remember, my first attempt at this was for January and February 2021, but it was prematurely squashed by some pesky disruption of the space-time continuum known as COVID-19. No, there will be no Israel, Athens, or Germany this time, as I will be hitchhiking closer to home. I will spend time in my beloved New England, a short stint back in Sparta, on a road trip below the Mason-Dixon line, and eventually another stint at home.

Chewbacca, The Monster Behind the Door, and “J” will try to survive without their beloved “Mr. Belvedere” (if you don’t understand the reference, look it up), and the Sparta church is always in good hands.

Because I will be out hitchhiking, I won’t be bLOGging until my return. I have managed to bribe Godzilla into writing the next six “Something to Think About” scripture reflections, but there is no way of telling what other types of mischief that big lizard will work his way into.

I leave you with a last piece of advice from the road: whatever you do…

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