Godzilla bLOG – 2022.10.16

Career Move?

Agent recently tell Godzilla that career getting stale; stale as cold war disaster films. There only so many giant villains Godzilla can beat up and cook with fiery breath. Eventually good adversaries disappear and Godzilla left with “fluff.”

Storyboard from last project.
Movie never get made.

So agent book audition for Godzilla on pilot of latest reboot of iconic TV show; one of HitchHiker’s favorites! It have everything: beloved captain, iconic ship, sarcastic doctor, big name guest stars, and top notch writing. It also have lots of tension and romance.

No, it not Star Trek!

Godzilla not that fortunate.

Godzilla hope he get part!

Thanks for putting up with Godzilla last six weeks. Hitchhiker return on Tuesday.

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