Hitchhiker’s bLOG – 2022.10.25

See, Listen, and Simply Be

A spiritual exercise taught me at Gloucester was to go for a long walk with Jesus and experience what he wants you to experience along the way. My instructions were to not look for something specific; see. Don’t expect to hear something; listen. I was to simply “BE” with him as I walked with my Lord in silence. Note: It doesn’t need to be a walk. It could be a long period sitting silently or going for a ride in the car without a radio or phone on. Just don’t forget to invite Jesus with you.

Two weeks ago (2022.10.13), I drove with my Lord to Connecticut for the funeral of Chipster’s mother-in-law. As I was heading to pick up my kid sister, T.O., and Guitar Hero, her husband, I found myself following a morning school bus.

Photo by lil artsy on Pexels.com

At the second stop, I witnessed several children boarding, but a tiny one lingered a bit, kissed her daddy goodbye, and began walking tentatively toward the bus. Suddenly, she stopped, turned, and darted back toward her daddy, and he crouched with arms extended. It was then that I noticed that he had an infant in his hands. The tiny little girl transformed into a big sister before my eyes as she embraced the baby’s face and kissed him. With her mission of love accomplished, she turned and skipped toward the awaiting bus.

I am sure someone in the several cars stuck behind me was annoyed by the bus, and the “dawdling” girl was likely the cherry on top of their angst. But I feel blessed by this incredible moment brought to us by…


As I reflect upon what I witnessed that morning, it strikes me that the Lord revealed a metaphor at the heart of the Incarnation. Our Father in heaven sent us himself in the person of Jesus Christ to help us understand how to love our Father and our neighbor.

Jesus, thanks for turning back to give us a kiss!!

Love Long and Prosper!

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