HitchHiker’s bLOG – 2023.03.14


See that little girl in the picture; the one snackin’ on a french fry? That was “Baby” at about one year old. This child barely slept through the night at one year, which made me believe 42 was conducting a sleep deprivation experiment to see how he could make me crack.

Baby (4) and Chewie (5)

See that same little girl, alongside Chewie? They were quite a pair. On more than one occasion, I would arrive home after a long sleepless night and insane day of work, only to bail “J” out from a long day of trying to keep up with the two mischief makers during the day’s adventures.

Chewie and Baby as adults

On St. Patrick’s Day, “Baby” finds out where she (and the Schmooze) will spend the next three years as she embarks on her residency in pediatrics. I am confident it will be a New England program, but ultimately I know she will be exactly where 42 needs her to be. After all, it was that way when we moved to New Jersey before her sophomore year of high school, and it was DIVINE PROVIDENCE that led her to Providence College (and the Schmooze, of course). Lightning struck again when she was accepted to multiple medical schools and chose Boston University. Now she is poised to launch! 

Baby and The Schmooze

Following Friday’s excitement, there will be an April open house, a May bridal shower, graduations for both, and a June wedding. Oh, and somewhere in the mix, the Schmooze and she must move into a new apartment; location TBD.

The Schmooze and Baby

That little one girl in the picture below has grown into a sweet, beautiful, funny, quirky, loving, and stinkin’ smart young woman. It has been very rewarding to “J” and I to know that despite our best efforts to screw her up, Baby has become an amazing person, called into service as a healer. And on May 18th, she will become know as “Dr. Baby.” (FYI – Chewie’s pretty darn special too!)

That’s our Baby!

So my final advice to Baby; “never to forget where you came from, and always ‘Love Long and Prosper!'”

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