Godzilla Gives Us Something to Think About – 2023.03.24

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Romans 6:23

Godzilla love gifts, especially ones come free of baggage. This what 42 give to us. We not required do anything but accept gift. What gift?

Now some human think word “sin” no longer valid; they think God not valid either. This may be result of misunderstanding or aggressive judgementalism, so Godzilla try clear up.

Hebrew word for sin mean “miss mark” (think arrow off target); also mean stray from path. Godzilla say path is road leading to target destination, and 42 is destination. Sin behaviors and attitudes that divert us from his love. In other words, we give up on God. But God never give up on us!

Bible use word “repent” which mean turn back or correct course. Paul say free gift from God is Jesus, for he correct our course away from eternal “lostness!” Best part is gift supplied by 42, because as Godzilla say,

“God never give up on us!”

P.S. Atheist not believe in 42, but 42 believe in atheist!

2 thoughts on “Godzilla Gives Us Something to Think About – 2023.03.24

  1. The translation of “sin” as “missing the mark” is eye-opening for me. Often we look at it as something bad we have done, but this translation expands the definition. It could mean a life out of balance, behaviors that are unhealthy, or perhaps errors in theological beliefs. This helps to understand the problem of Job – here a righteous man could actually be in a state of sin because he missed the mark with his understanding of God – this is brought out clearly in the whirlwind monologue.


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