HitchHiker’s bLOG (Anniversary Edition) – 2023.05.02

See these two kids? They were so young, and crazy in love. They had no idea the life that awaited them when they became engaged only THREE months after meeting! The critics said it wouldn’t last.

There were careers to pursue, a first house to purchase, and a first child to jump into their life. And then there was three!

A job offer, a move to another state, a second child entering the mix, and another house to buy. And then there was four!

Baby and Chewbacca!

Another house sold, a new vocation to pursue, and an adventure most would have trouble comprehending. This merry band of four followed 42 into ministry! And then there was many!

Three churches, multiple mission trips, foreign exchange students, foster kids, countless lives encountered, two undergraduate and five graduate degrees, and the Schmooze! And then there were five!

Baby and the Schmooze

But today, it’s all about those two young kids of so long ago who have now been married 31 years. And we’re still crazy in love, maybe just a little crazy, and still on the mighty adventure!!!!

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