Godzilla bLOG – 2023.05.23

Godzilla Pose Question

HitchHiker share picture of Schmooze and Dr. Baby at his graduation. Schmooze earn doctorate in nursing practice (DNP). Schmooze now doctor! HitchHiker very proud of son-in-law.

Doctor kissing Doctor

But apparently Schmooze not be called “doctor;” some unwritten academia rule that only certain people allowed to be called “doctor.” HitchHiker’s nephew also earn doctorate of jurisprudence (he lawyer), yet nobody call him “doctor” either.

Then there HitchHiker who earn doctor of ministry, but he not let people call him “doctor.” It appear on business cards, official paperwork, and on sign outside church, but he want people to call him by first name. Note: Some of HitchHiker colleagues insist on being called “Doctor;” but HitchHiker think this opposite of humbleness of Jesus ministry.

Godzilla confused.

So Godzilla decide to change unwritten “academia rules.” For now on, it be “Dr. Schmooze,” “Dr. Esquire,” and “Dr. HitchHiker” for Godzilla.

Godzilla also realize he, by default, earn doctorate alongside Dr. HitchHiker.

Therefore, Godzilla decide, from a his time forward, he will be called:

“Dr. Godzilla”

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