Hitchhiker’s bLOG – 2021.04.13

Photo by Kai Pilger on Pexels.com

This past weekend, I was sitting eating lunch and looking at my phone. Up pops a news article from USA Today demythologizing bell pepper gender identity. I was intrigued and opened it.


Why? Over the past few years, several self-professed “experts” on life, the universe, and everything have told me there is a difference between three lobes and four; one was better for cooking (the male) and the other for crudités (the female) because she is sweeter.  (NOT TRUE!)

First, let me state that…

Pastor Pat is no Peter Piper, but is proud to have never pondered gender when picking or procuring pecks of peppers for the purpose of preparation. And I have parboiled, pickled, processed, and plated plenty of peppers!

The author asked the question, “Do you feel duped?” Over and over, people have fallen prey to internet hi-jinx, where it only takes a little bit of time and thought to find out that something is true or false. And although pepper gender is harmless, much in the toxic soup called social media is flat out untrue and can actually be harmful.

I try to research before posting anything so that I don’t get duped, or more importantly, dupe you. Please don’t just take my word for it; go and read more for yourself. That’s part of the fun! Pick up your phone and dig a little deeper using trusted non-partisan resources. You might discover that you hold in your hand a great research tool for seekers of truth.

By the way, I received the vaccine last week, and I am already receiving better 5G reception to help my personal research. Thanks Bill! (NOT TRUE!)

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