Hitchhiker’s bLOG – 2021.04.27

Faith Journies

Photo by Vivian Maier (street photographer)

I have been meeting with fifteen people over the past several weeks as we discuss what it means to become part of the family of faith I serve.

In these meetings we discuss the three parts of the church’s mission statement: Christ-centered, Bible-based, and called to exemplify the love of the Triune God of Grace in ministry and in the world.

Now this diverse group of people is ready to go before the elders to share their story in a way of introduction. More importantly, they discuss their faith journey with the elders so that the leadership has an idea of who these people are in Christ, and how they fit into the Body of Christ (the church).

Can you articulate your faith journey in Christ and within the Body of Christ?

Maybe that is something that you can do this week as a devotional to “42.” Sit down and outline where the LORD’s story has intersected your life journey. Look back and see how it is reflected in your now!

Here are some questions to help you create an outline of you journey with Christ.

Where were you born?

Were you born into a Christian household?

Were you baptized as an infant, or at another time?

Do you remember a time in your life where God seemed close?

Where there times were God seemed far away?

Was there a moment in your life where you first believed that Christ is your Savior?

Is your walk with Christ a slow upward journey, or a sudden jump?

Who were the most influential Christians who helped you along the way?

Once you are done with your outline, write a story in a narrative form. Then read it aloud to yourself or someone you trust, and see how it sounds.

Once you have done this enough times, try telling the story without reading it. Record yourself. Listen to the recording and ask yourself if this is a story worth telling to others. I think you will find that it is!!

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