Hitchhiker’s bLOG (Supplemental) – 2021.07.03

Recently, an internet “influencer” in England spent a ton of money on eighteen surgeries to change their appearance from Anglo to Asian to look like a K-Pop star. Why? Because they had always identified as Korean, and therefore they consider themselves “transracial.”

While the arguments rage from the thought-police as to whether this is being bold and true to oneself, cultural appropriation at its highest form, or simply an affront to commonsense, it has this Hitchhiker thinking:

Is it possible to be trans-species?

I took a test to see what species I am. (Yes, there really are such tests online!) I was hoping to find out that I was part Vulcan, Wookie (which would explain my son), or Radioactive Dragon from the atomic age; no such luck.

The results of the test, however, were fascinating and not at all surprising. I am a gentle creature with a big heart. I am outgoing and socially active, and that I know how to connect and unite others with the sounds I make and actions I take. I possess wisdom and inner harmony, and yet I am playful and enjoy life.

I am Dolphin!

On this holiday weekend, as the world rages over so many things that may or may not have any relevance to our lives in 42, I give you a respite from all the cares of the world. Here is some video humor from the opening three minutes of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Watch and smile!

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