Godzilla’s bLOG (Revisited) – 2021.07.05

Originally Published 2020.11.24 when Hitchhiker was taking a break. So I thought it was appropriate to end this holiday break with a little bit of Godzilla LOVE!

Little Things Matter

Recently, Hitchhiker string Christmas lights on bushes in front of house. He ask all of us to make our Christ-light shine before world steeped in shadows this holiday season.

So Godzilla decide to put colorful little people in Hitchhiker’s trees near sidewalk in front of house. This way people walking past see something make them smile. Godzilla likes people to smile!

Say “Hello” to my little friends!

Godzilla think: “Who not smile when see tiny Joker and Gumby waving hello! Godzilla think you smile right now!”

Live Long and Prosper

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