Something to Think About – 2021.08.06

The sum of your word is truth, and every one of your righteous rules endures forever. Psalm 119.160

It’s not a typo; this is the 160th verse in Psalm 119. There are a total of 176 verses in this incredible Psalm, broken down by the Hebrew letters of the alphabet. Each sentence under a particular Hebrew letter starts with a word that begins with said letter. So today’s verse is brought to you by the letter:

Resh (ר) 

The first word of the 160th verse is “rosh” or “roshe” (רֹאשׁ). This word can mean either “entirety” or “head.” So the psalmist is declaring that the “entirety” of God’s word is true and trustworthy. The author is also saying that God’s justice is eternal!

As a preacher, I have delivered well over a thousand sermons over my career. I have tried to be faithful and true to God’s word. But none of those sermons will endure forever. The sign in front of the church I serve has my name dangling from the bottom. It can and will be changed someday. Thirty years from now, I will be but a memory for some, and others will only see my name in old meeting minutes.

Unlike God, none of our words will endure to the end of time, and many of us will not live past the middle of this century. Hopefully, this puts things in perspective!

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