Hitchhiker’s bLOG – 2021.10.05

Godzilla vs. Hitchhiker

Last week, I sat down to write a bLOG for today. I began it and erased, started another and erased, attempted a third and erased it too. It seemed that Godzilla kept creeping into every one of the now-discarded bLOGs. Hitchhiker was getting frustrated until it occurred to me that I was just channeling the world around me.

Factions have abused us for the last twenty months… scratch that… the last five years… scratch that… the past few decades… scratch that… all our lives. We have leadership on the poles at war for our hearts and minds, and we are the battlefield. It is making some of us a bit “bipolar.” Others entrench in their points of view and become soldiers of the pole.

When people see me in one of my Searching For 42 jerseys, I get one of three questions: 1) Is your name Hitchhiker? 2) Why do you wear the name Godzilla? 3) What is the deal about “42”? All three allow me to open the door to dialogue! The first two are easy to address because I explain that I have two pen names when I bLOG; Hitchhiker and an alter ego known as Godzilla. By far, my favorite question is the third because I can lead them into a discussion about the ONE who gives meaning to “Life, the Universe, and Everything.”

So I may have an ego and alter-ego wrestling within me about the things of the world, and thus being able to see the poles without setting up camp in either one. But the true gift is that both personalities allow me an opportunity to reveal a heart that honors Christ the Lord as holy, and it prepares me to share earnestly with anyone who asks me for a reason for the hope that is in me. I try to do it with gentleness and respect and with a good conscience. (See 1 Peter 3)

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