Hitchhiker’s bLOG (with an assist from The Flying Scotsman) – 2021.10.26

Fantasy vs. Reality

So TFS knows that if he sends me something, it may end up on Searching For 42. The pics and memes often stand alone with little or no commentary. However, this one inspired me to write!

These two photos have the same subject and yet are very different. The top photo is of an approximately thirty-six-year-old William Shatner (Captain Kirk) standing on a soundstage at Desilu Studios looking through a prop window pretending to be looking out into space but is likely looking at a wall in the studio. The bottom photo is of a ninety-year-old William Shatner (civilian) on the Blue Origin capsule looking through an actual spacecraft window into space. The former picture is a man play-acting, and the latter is a man experiencing the profound bordering on the sublime; fantasy vs. reality.

Since I have been in ministry, and especially in the last nineteen months, I have have experienced many people who’s faith often mirrors the top photo rather than the bottom photo. I am often shocked at the shallowness of faith yet the elaborateness of the façade of religiosity. And yet there are others who inspire me when I see through them the profundity of the Triune God of Grace.

My friends, as I continue to search for 42 in my life, I witness the ever-expanding sublimeness of a God who is so far-reaching that often words cannot describe him.

O LORD, you continue to provide “the most profound experience!” You are the true reality.

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