A DeliverY from Sir Knight – 2022.07.07

My dear brother, Sir Knight, was on a roll this morning. These two cartoons made the cut. Note: My commentary is below each picture. 

My brother was wondering if this cartoon was a shout-out to SearchingFor42.net? I would not be that presumptuous. When I think about it, it would mean too many people are reading my bLOG, which would probably bring me nothing but misery.

I did respond to Sir Knight explaining that many truth seekers “can’t handle the truth.” (I added a pic of Jack Nicholson) Why would I answer him in this way? Because many humans want to create their truths and look for evidence to back them up. In my experience, “42” almost always upsets the apple cart with his Inconvenient Truth. (No, this doesn’t mean that Al Gore is God!)

My brother and I thought the same thing when we read this picture. First, we read the word “GOUT,” but quickly realized it was the word “GOVT.” Then we concluded that it didn’t matter; both are painful to live with.

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