HitchHiker bLOG – 2022.12.27

My Favorite Silly Non-Story of the Year 2022

Seeing that yet another bizarro year is ending, I decided to reflect on one of the most absurd non-story I have heard in 2022. Earlier this year, I heard that a school district in New Jersey was installing litter boxes in bathrooms to accommodate a kid who identifies as an animal, known as a “furry.”

Such a story nonplused me, but I eventually came to my senses. I could find nothing in the local news to corroborate such a story, so I moved on. Then, heading toward the elections this fall, that same story popped up in our local school district. Once again, no proof or truth. No family of a furry kid could be found, only rumor and rhetoric.

Finally, I turned toward my go-to detectives for outlandish stories; snopes.com. This ridiculous story originated around the beginning of 2022 in Michigan. A political party picked it up as yet another way schools have gotten out of control with gender identity. You guessed it; the gang at Snopes could find no corroboration, nor could they get any proof or evidence when they solicited the actual woman it originated from at the Michigan school board meeting. Here’s their article.


FYI – Furries like to dress as graphic novel characters that are animals with human characteristics. This phenomenon is a “Comicon” type thing no different from those who dress as Klingons, Vulcans, Steampunk, Deadpool, Pikachu, Baby Yoda, Darth Vader… I even heard some character thinks he is GODZILLA! In other words, it’s not about sex; it’s more about fantasy, fandom, or bLOG-dom!

If you still don’t believe this story about litter boxes in schools is bunk, here’s one more link you need to take to heart:


Love Long and Prosper!

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