HitchHiker’s bLOG – 2023.01.01

A Parable for the New Year

Once upon a time, the Founder of a new corporation assembled his management team. It was an eclectic bunch. Several came with business backgrounds, one even a captain of his industry. Some were relatives, and two had ties to the Founder. There was a “bean counter” who controlled the treasury and one who was a former government bureaucrat with a dark background. There was one who was anti-government and believed in bearing arms, and the bureaucrat was his enemy. There were two close friends and a pessimist. And a spattering of humble servants to round out the diverse board.

At his retirement party, the Founder sat them down and gave them final instructions and examples of leadership. He told them that leadership is about serving those downward on the corporate ladder. His last teaching was this, “Love one another as I have loved you.” (The next day, he would down on this command.)

Finally, he prayed over his management team before “retiring.”

That Corporation is still around 2000 years later. How is it doing? Does it serve, or does it dictate? Does its leadership love their fellow board members, or do they argue and divide? Does it appreciate the varied backgrounds and gifts of all the workers within the Corporation? Does it display Grace?

It’s a New Year; let’s strive to do better!

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